As a global leader, Conductive is deploying projects across North America.

Our Technology

Full Technology

Conductive’s full technology package includes a process flow consisting of our proprietary ion-exchange materials, our electrolytic refining process, and a battery-grade lithium product. Conductive’s technology produces lithium chloride and lithium carbonate.

Supply Lithium Extraction Ion-Exchange Materials

Conductive will provide its proprietary ion-exchange materials to create a lithium chloride stream as high as 4,000ppm1
1Based on lab data

Brine Testing and Refining to Provide Economics

Brine testing allows Conductive to provide the most accurate cost estimates to clients who wish to integrate Conductive’s technology into their system. Once Conductive has the test brine, our technology can be further customized and optimized to best fit clients needs and brine chemistries.

Lithium Extraction Pilot Project

Conductive offers a fully engineered skid unit to pilot lithium extraction on your lithium brine resource. We provide a skid unit that is designed to process 20 gallons per minute of lithium-bearing brine, ion-exchange materials, and refining processes.

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Conductive’s ion-exchange materials selectively extract lithium from brine resources, producing lithium chloride.

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